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The founder of NLP Bulgaria and Bulgarian Coaching Academy, Lora Arnaoudova is the only Certified NLP coaching trainer of the Society of Neuro-linguistic programing (NLP) in Bulgaria and the only Eastern European, part of the assisting team of Dr. Richard Bandler – an exceptional recognition for her experience and expertise in working with people and companies worldwide.


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All coaches in the Bulgarian Coaching Academy have graduated from our programmes and hold international NLP Coach certificates from the Society for NLP. They specialize in different areas - strategic planning, corporate restructuring, sales strategy, leadership, management, recruitment, sports training, external and internal business coaching, healthy living, goalsetting, personal development.


Lora Arnaoudova

Founder and only certified NLP Coach Trainer in Bulgaria

Iavor Arnaoudov

President of Bulgarian Coaching Academy, business and sales coach

Here is what our customers say about us:

Ventzislav Boyadjiev, Managing Director at Lindström Bulgaria and Romania

I am happy to recommend the services of NLP Bulgaria. We have been working with Lora and Yavor for several years, and our employees participated in a series of open NLP trainings.
In 2022, HNL developed a complex program for the development of Lindström’s management team in Bulgaria, which included Individual and coaching sessions, various tests of all team members and their analysis, and training sessions, developing leadership skills with multiple target situations and practical exercises.
In parallel with this program, NLP also developed complex programs for the development of basic and important competencies for our company for all employees of the company. Through appropriately selected topics and exercises, combined with team building activities, they conducted a series of trainings. Lora Arnaoudova’s skills to intrigue the audience and engage in solving specific cases, general or related to the specifics of our work, helped the Lindström team members to gain basic knowledge on managing people through coaching, effective communication, Giving & getting feedback, managing emotions and emotional intelligence.
NLPs also developed training for the company’s sales team (sales representatives, sales managers and key customer representatives). The main trainer Yavor Arnaoudov adapted the training sessions to the specifics of B2B sales and our salespeople upgraded their skills with numerous concrete examples and target situations.
I am sure that through the complex approach that we developed together with Laura and Yavor for the parallel development of the skills and competencies of the company’s employees at all levels (white collar & blue collars), through a unified approach, we managed to improve the commitment of all employees and increase their motivation. This has helped us exceed our set business goals and receive very high employee satisfaction ratings. The prestigious AON Global Network Correspondent ranking, in partnership with Kincentric, certifies Lindström Bulgaria as a company ranked among the best employers in the country in 2022. NLP also makes a significant contribution to this. I thank them and recommend the services they offer.

Yana Dimitrova, Member of the Board of Directors at Energo-Pro Sales/Executive Director at Energo-Pro Energy Services EAD

It is without reservation that Lora is the professional that sets the standards in NLP coaching. Working with her means you will receive more than expected. I have never seen such a highly motivated, multitasking and hardworking professional, with innovative approach in both: identifying problems and developing and implementation the new strategy.

Ivelina Zhelezcheva, NLP Business and Life Coach, SAFe Agilist, Leader, First Mind coach

Lora is one of the most trustworthy partners I have ever worked with. Whenever I am working with her, I feel confident, as she has the ability to look beneath the surface. She is an excellent professional and provides high-quality services. Lora’s expertise in business coaching and business and leadership transformations is remarkable. That is why, I strongly recommend her as a professional and reliable partner.

George Ruitchev, Executive Director at Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum

I would like to recommend NLP Bulgaria as an excellent partner in corporate training and courses, and especially for their NLP soft skills development in leadership, management and sales.

Boryana Alexieva, Government Affairs & Patient Engagement and Advocacy Lead at Janssen (Johnson & Jonson) Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

Lora Arnaoudova and Yavor Arnaoudov were my NLP coaches over internal Company training and their coaching was of great value to me. They provided in depth and fresh insights into my unique talents combination and showed me the business impact I can make with this. Lora as a coach is highly perceptive and uses a personal interaction style as a coach that positively championed me as a human being and professional, focused on building confidence. Through her listening, questioning and insights, she allowed me to bring to life character traits in myself that I now use to make a difference in the world-both personal and professional, which is what really matters to me. She has an amazing charisma in her ability to get beyond surface issues and dive in different personality and profession levels which move you above and beyond where even you thought you could go. During the NLP sessions, I was amazed at what has transpired in me. Lora and Yavor and their NLP coaching business are very professionally oriented, at the same time friendly, honest, caring and generous. I strongly recommend this valuable training for all kinds of professional and personal development.

Sava Zelenski, Experienced Biopharma Leader and CEO SEE

I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to meet and work with Lora. She was my personal coach for nearly one year and helped me substantially in my leadership growth – improving my self-awareness and discipline, coping with difficult situations and people, and taking tough decisions timely, deliberately and decisively.
Lora is one of the most positive, energetic and disciplined person I have ever met.

Gabriela Gerasimova, Psychologist and NLP Life Coach

It is rare that you come across such a great coach like Lora. I had the opportunity to finish the NLP Coach Certification program of Bulgarian Coaching Academy and I can definitely say that Lora is the best mentor I have ever had. She has very broad knowledge and experience in business, sports and life coaching. She is smart, innovative and has a unique approach to every project and every training. I have learned so much from her about working with people, more than I did from my Psychology degree. As a trainer, coach, team player or a leader, Lora has my highest recommendation.

 Petya Petrova, Finance First Line Leader at Kyndryl

As a people manager in big corporation where communication is crucial for effective completion of our work, attending NLP beginner course gave me a completely new and interesting angle how best to understand the people around you. There were different practical exercises during the course to also prepare you to make clear important messages for bigger audience. The course helped me to improve my professional skills to grow as a better leader so I highly recommend it to all leaders in big and small companies! 

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