NLP Bulgaria is the only NLP training organization in Bulgaria, offering the highest level of certification courses and programs of the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming of the founder of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler – the international body, guaranteeing the quality of NLP training.


NLP Bulgaria is the first NLP training organization in Bulgaria and through its subsidiary “Bulgarian Coaching Academy” is the only certified NLP Coach training entity on the Balkans. With over a decade of experience in NLP training and coaching, NLP Bulgaria specializes in strategic change management, company reorganization programs and team assessments through the most advanced testing tool – Cognitive memetics™ in an array of industries as diverse as law & finance, telecoms, pharma, IT, utilities and heavy industry, to name a few.

A recognized member of The Society of NLP in Orlando, Florida, we offer bespoke certification programs in Neuro-linguistic programming for business and individual customers. Our ad-hoc, internal analysis based solutions, have made us a leader in the development and execution of programs for strategy, process and operational management, individual and team performance enhancement, leadership and soft skills development, sales proficiency, charisma and public speaking. Through a personalized mixture of coaching, consulting and training, we will embrace and channel companies’ dynamics and give the necessary instruments for operational change management and creation of new market opportunities.


We believe that everyone is capable of a personal leap to perfection. We strive to continuously increase our arsenal of instruments to enable this leap through efficient management of all aspect of life of the individual and organizations.


We, the team of NLP Bulgaria, develop the leaders of the future. We achieve your goals because we center all business solutions around your true potential.



Lora Arnaoudova

Founder and only certified NLP Coach Trainer in Bulgaria

Iavor Arnaoudov

President of Bulgarian Coaching Academy, business and sales coach

Bogomil Grozev

Public Speaking expert

Dr. Valeriy Shakola

NLP Coach and acupuncturist

Gabriela Gerasimova

NLP Personal Coach

Dessislava Miroslavova

NLP Business Coach

Sibila Dancheva

NLP Personal Coach

Ivo Marinov

NLP Sports coach