“Светът се движи бързо и организациите трябва да се променят, за да отключат пълния си потенциал.”

Лора Арнаудова


Our reach and vast experience in corporate transformation proves that every company is capbale of exceptional results when partnering with us.

At NLP Bulgaria we offer programs form planning and managing change with focus on implementation, increasing the capabilities and achieving the desired growth in all areas of the organization. Our proven approach includes all necessary methods and interactions for limiting the turbulences caused by change and achieving objective and measurable results.

We help our clients find their own potential for transformation through specially designed methods for analysis, based on the specific needs of every organization. Then we build the process of necessary actions for sustainable achievement of long-term goals. We combine activities aimed at improving organizational healt with such, targeted at increasing employees’ potential, in order to create a stable change both in the thinking and in the acting of all those involved.

Please contact us on courses@nlpbulgaria.bg or +359 889 740 927 for more information.

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