NLP is behavior … characterized by a sense of curiosity, adventure, and a desire to acquire new skills needed to understand the types of communication that drive the people around us. NLP is a rare opportunity for self-improvement.

NLP is a methodology … based on the principle that each behavior has a structure and that this structure can be extracted, learned and even altered. The guiding principle of this method is to know what is useful and effective.

NLP is a technology … that allows us to organize information and perceptions in order to achieve results that were considered impossible in the past.

Neuro-linguistic programming explores the structure of subjective life experience and what we can derive from it. At the core of NLP is the understanding that effective thought strategies can be identified, analyzed and used by people as they want.

NLP is the product of many years of research by Richard Bandler and John Grinder on behavioral and language elements that allowed psychotherapists from various schools such as Friedrich Pearls, Milton Erickson and Virginia Sathir to achieve consistently positive results.

These results are based on the extraction of specific and reproducible behavioral strategies and language structures.

NLP is designed to help us better understand how communication, verbal and non-verbal, affects the human brain.

As a result, NLP offers us opportunities not only to communicate better with others but also to learn to control some of the neurological processes that are mistakenly considered “automated”.

The creator of NLP defines this concept in a brilliant way:

“One of the most important things people need to understand about the science I’ve dedicated my life to, is that it’s not a therapy or a business – it’s freedom.” Richard Bandler

Neuro-linguistic programming was created in 1970. Richard Bandler, who recently graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz and John Grinder, a professor at the same university, began to study the characteristics of communication used by some of the most renowned psychotherapists for treatment and impact on their patients.

Bandler and Grinder initially met with Friedrich Pearls (Gestalt Therapist) in California. After retrieving and viewing the Pearls models, the two began to analyze the communication of family therapist Virginia Sathir. Sathir’s amazing ability to show empathy, combined with her unique therapeutic style, made them begin to study her use of language carefully.

At the same time, the anthropologist Gregory Bateson advised Bandler to analyze the work of Milton Eriksson – renowned as one of the best clinical hypnotists. The models that Bandler derived from him demonstrate the unique effectiveness of communication in psychotherapy.

The result of the analysis and modeling of these three therapies is the publication of two exclusive books: “Structure of Magic” and “Milton Erickson’s Models of Hypnosis”.

In the late 1970s, Bandler’s extremely talented student, Robert Dilts, was involved in the development of NLP. He is considered the first to give NLP the status of science. Today, Dilts continues to work in this area, continuously increasing the scope of application – from business to treatment of illnesses considered incurable, and coaching.

The popularity of NLP has grown in the 1980s, when three particularly important books were published: “Therapeutic Metamorphoses”, “Hypnosis and Change” and “Restructuring”.

In the mid-1980s, a promising young man named Anthony Robbins took part in the courses of Bandler and Grinder. At the age of 24, he wrote the book “Take the best of ourselves and the others,” which later became a bestseller. Robbins started making NLP courses, attended by thousands.

Nowadays, Richard Bandler continues to be the most famous name in the world of NLP, while John Grinder has devoted himself primarily to corporate management training.

Dilts taught at Santa Cruz University, where he continued to pursue NLP courses alongside Judit de Loizer.

NLP research continues today, thanks to the work of Bandler, Grinder, Dilts and a number of certified coaches world-wide.

Bandler continues to work with John La Valle – an outstanding coach and consultant, specializing in the most up-to-date applications of NLP in business.

The areas of application of NLPs are constantly increasing. Today, NLP is used in psychotherapy, communication, fast learning, sales, business, leadership, sports, politics, healthcare and many others.

Based on a principle called the “Exceptional People Model,” NLP today is the most advanced science that offers thinking and action systems to support everyone who has experienced an internal need to improve their performance in any field.

Since its inception in 1978, the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming has become a world quality control organization for training programs and courses on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). All its approved certificates bear the stamp of the Society. We advise you to be careful when using NLP techniques and only attend seminars, courses and training programs that are officially created and certified by the Society of NLP™.

For your safety, the Neuro-Linguistic Programming Society ™ requires participants to sign a declaration that ensures that certified and licensed NLP practitioners will use this science for entirely honest and honest purposes. This is also a guarantee for you that all the programs you visit meet the high quality standards of the Society and that the trainers are familiar with the latest achievements in this field.

There are four levels of certification and licenses that the Society provides: NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer and NLP Master Trainer. All certificates are issued by the Society for Neuro-linguistic Programming ™, bear its seal and are signed by Dr. Richard Bandler. Coaches can train Practitioners and Master Practitioners, who then have the right to obtain a certificate and license from Richard Bandler and the Society. Master Trainer is a level that is given on the basis of outstanding results and success. A certificate is issued only by Richard Bandler and the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™. Master Trainer can not certify Trainers without the personal consent of Dr. Bandler.

To check if you are purchasing genuine NLP products and services, please contact the Society of NLP™. We are extremely interested in preserving the integrity of this science. All certificates are issued for a period of two years. You have the right to ask anyone who claims to be offering NLP services to provide you with their license or certificate.

ONLY RICHARD BANDLER CAN CERTIFY TRAINERS OF NLP. Exceptions are only allowed in cases where he has given his explicit written consent.

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming Society ™ publishes a directory of its members with good reputation and offers referrals on request.