Magical creatures – NLP for kids

Magical creatures – NLP for kids

Magical creatures – NLP for kids

The bliss of children highlights their talents. From the moment of conception, parents seek an answer to the age-old debate, the basis of human existence:

Nature or nurture?

Our answer is: Both!

Together with the future artists, writers, journalisths, leaders, managers, creators… we will discover and channel their talent! Your kid will find and deploy its abilities through the magical help of curiosity, love, creativity and communication. Carefuly selected games and activities will interwine faritail and science, and together we will learn about dreams, goals and the ways of personal creativity.

“Magical creatures” is a 5 day training for kids, based on techniques from NLP, Cognitive science, Suggestopedia and Maths.

Their Tomorrow depends on your Today!


How to discover and uncover their potential;
How to follow their personal goals;
How to communicate with parents, friends, strangers;
How to confidently follow their path;
How to be the creators of their own faith…

If you, as a parent, are asking yourself these same questions, the NLP training “Magical creatures” has found you and your kid!

Защо да участват?

Ще открият талантите си;
Ще усвоят дисциплина;
Ще развият умения за изразяване на мнение;
Ще усвоят умения за публично говорене;
Ще подобрят чуване и разбиране намеренията на родителите;
Ще участват в множество игри, които ще ги научат да вземат решения, да правят преценки, да бъдат емоционално интелигентни.

Как ще го постигнем:

- Игри-упражнения за развитие на внимание, въображение, мислене и памет.
- Запаметяване на текстове, стихчета, формули, цифри.
- Игри и акупресура, стимулираща нервната система.

Magical creatures – NLP for kids



The founder of NLP Bulgaria and Bulgarian Coaching Academy, Lora Arnaoudova is the only Certified NLP coaching trainer of the Society of Neuro-linguistic programing (NLP) in Bulgaria and the only Eastern European, part of the assisting team of Dr. Richard Bandler – an exceptional recognition for her experience and expertise in working with people and companies worldwide.

Please contact us on or +359 889 740 927 for more information.

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