NLP Practitioner

First Certification Level of NLP

NLP Practitioner

This is an exciting experience in mastering new approaches and strategies for yourself and towards others… Perhaps the beginning of a journey to new professional horizons…

NLP Practitioner, developed by NLP Bulgaria, represents the first level of specialization in Neuro-linguistic programming, certified by Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP.

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Our goal is to provide you with the latest developments in NLP by exchanging experience with institutions from other countries belonging to the Society of NLP.

Participants for NLP Practitioner:

Who is this training for?

This course is designed for people, willing to learn advanced communication techniques and methods and be able to put them to good use at work, in the family, with friends or with clients.

Why enroll in this course?

Do you want to successfully define and achieve your goals?
Do you want to be able to control every situation, regardless of the difficulties you face?
Do you want to quickly “read” your opponent?
Do you want your ideas to be accepted with ease?
Do you want use verbal hypnosis when you communicate?
Do you want to be highly motivated and be able to motivate others?

Next course dates:

Varna, 15-22 July 2023

Sofia, 19-22 & 26-29 October 2023

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Early bird discounts available.

NLP Practitioner

Your NLP Trainer


CEO and founder of NLP Bulgaria and Bulgarian Coaching Academy, with over a decade experience in training, coaching and supporting top executives, teams and individuals in leading international and local enterprises. Bachelor and Master in Economics from Luiss Guido Carli, Rome and Master in Business Administration from Hill University, London, a Spiral Dynamics expert from Natasha Todorovic’s institute and certified NLP Trainer and the only NLP Coach Trainer for Eastern Europe from Dr. Richard Bandler’s Society of NLP, Orlando, Florida.

Participants for NLP Practitioner:


NLP Basics

NLP Practitioner
  • The basic prerequisites in NLP – the ability to change; the importance of communication; positive behavioral preconditions; test against failure

  • How we learn – the ways our brain arranges and stores information

  • Verbal, para-verbal, non-verbal communication – the three levels of communication
  • Emotional states and how to take control over them
  • V, A, K, O, T – Representation systems – Human beings receive information through the five senses. We encode, organize, store in these sensory modalities, and place them with meanings from the outside world


Communication Process

  • Calibration and sensory acuity
  • Eye accessing cues

  • Pacing and Rapport – the core of matching your opponent on a verbal and non-verbal level
  • Anchors and anchoring – the internal or external means of inducing a pre-selected reaction
NLP Practitioner


Exerting Influence

NLP Practitioner
  • Models in coaching for achieving goals by developing a concrete action plan
  • Well-defined goals – a structured approach to target setting
  • Restructuring and reframing of existing behavioral models
  • Changing beliefs – reprogramming the client with new behaviors. Overcoming obstacles in every aspect of life
  • Logical levels – a key to deep understanding of people and organizations
  • Modeling – external and deep structure; basic principles in modeling


NLP Models

  • Meta Model – clarifying information and changing beliefs by asking questions

  • Time line – How the brain perceives and organizes the time
  • SWISH – a technique for changing inner representations
  • Milton Model – hypnotic language
  • Basic hypnotic pathways in communication
  • Meta programs – the main programs through which we act
  • Metaphors – a set of language systems that help to better describe the experience
  • Development of strategies
NLP Practitioner

Participants for NLP Practitioner:

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