NLP in sales - Master class

If you want to:
  • Turn sales into a profitable profession
  • Sell like never before
  • Turn every No into a Yes
  • Create a desire to buy in every customer
  • Talk confidently to all levels of customers
  • Constantly increase the value of your pipeline of potential customers
  • Get the most out of every customer
  • Successfully manage the referrals process and their utilization
  • Increase your confidence and motivation in front of the client to levels you never thought possible
  • Let the market speak for you as you successfully grow in your organization or achieve unexpected successes in your own business…

NLP in sales - Master class

Вашият НЛП Треньор

NLP in sales - Master class

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Час на провеждане:

10:00-17:00 ч.


2 дни

520.00 лв.