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Ventsislav Kirov, CEO, Kühne & Nagel

I cannot find words strong enough to express my gratitude for the incredible help you have given us during our last coaching session. After this meeting, our team made a real qualitative leap in its development. With your great work style and approach, you managed not only to guide us, but also to inspire us to achieve more and develop together, as a team. I can’t thank you enough for this amazing result!

Petya Petrova, Finance First Line Leader at Kyndryl

As a people manager in a large corporation, communication is critical to doing our job effectively. Attending a beginner’s course in NLP gave me a completely new and interesting perspective on how to best understand the people around me. During the course there were various practical exercises to prepare you to make clear and important messages for a larger audience. The course helped me improve my professional skills to grow as a better leader. I highly recommend it to all leaders in companies large and small!

Boryana Alexieva, Government Affairs & Patient Engagement and Advocacy Lead at Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

Laura Arnaudova and Yavor Arnaudov were my NLP coaches in in-house training and their coaching was of great benefit to me. They provided a deep and fresh view of my talents and showed me the business impact I could make with the combination of them.

Laura as a coach is highly insightful and uses a personal coaching style of interaction. It has helped me stand up for myself personally and professionally by focusing on building confidence. Through her listening, questions, and insights, I learned traits of my character that I now use to change the world—both personally and professionally. She has incredible charisma in her ability to go beyond surface issues and dive into the different levels of personality and profession that elevate you above and beyond where you thought you could go. During the NLP sessions I was amazed at what happened within me.

Laura and Yavor and their NLP coaching business are very professionally oriented, yet friendly, honest, caring and generous. I highly recommend this valuable training for any kind of professional and personal development.

Georgi Ruichev, Executive Director at BBLF

I recommend NLP Bulgaria as an excellent partner in corporate training and courses, and especially for the development of NLP soft skills in leadership, management and sales.

Ventsislav Boyadzhiev, Managing Director at Lindström Bulgaria and Romania

With pleasure, I recommend the services of NLP Bulgaria. Lora and Yavor have been working with us for several years, with our employees participating in a series of NLP trainings. In 2022, NLP Bulgaria developed a comprehensive development program for Lindström’s management team in Bulgaria, which included:

  • Individual and group coaching sessions
  • Various tests of all team members and their analysis
  • Trainings developing leadership skills with multiple goal-setting situations and practical exercises
  • Personal attitude

In addition to this program, NLP Bulgaria also developed programs for the development of basic and important competencies for our company for all employees. Through a selection of appropriate topics and exercises, combined with team building activities, NLP Bulgaria conducted a series of trainings. Lora Arnaudova’s skills to intrigue the audience and engage in solving specific cases, general or related to the specifics of our work, helped Lindström team members acquire basic knowledge of people management through coaching, effective communication, giving and receiving feedback, emotion management and emotional intelligence.

Sales training

NLP Bulgaria developed training for the company’s sales team (sales representatives, sales managers and key customers). The main trainer, Yavor Arnaudov, adapted the training sessions to the specifics of B2B sales. Our salespeople upgraded their skills with numerous specific examples and target situations.

I am confident that through the comprehensive approach that we have developed together with Lora and Yavor for the parallel development of the skills and competencies of the company’s employees at all levels, we have managed to increase the engagement of all employees and their motivation. This helped us to exceed our business goals and receive very high employee satisfaction ratings. The prestigious AON Global Network Correspondent ranking, in partnership with Kincentric, certifies Lindstrom Bulgaria as a company ranked among the best employers in the country in 2022. NLP Bulgaria also made a significant contribution to this. I thank them and recommend the services they offer.

Madalin Vlad, Sales Manager at Lindström Romania

Dear Lora and Yavor,

Thank you very much for the training you provided us. From my perspective, you two are great trainers and you know what you are talking about – charismatic, experienced, open, full of joy and well prepared.

For me, this training was very useful, as I got a very good perspective on how the way we think affects our emotions, our behavior and our choice to deal with specific situations that we face.

The course helped me to better understand my colleagues and adapt my communication with the team, knowing how each of them thinks and reacts.

Yana Dimitrova, Member of the Board of Directors at Energo-Pro Sales/Executive Director at Energo-Pro Energy Services EAD

No doubt, Lora is the professional who sets the standards in NLP coaching. Working with her means you will get more than you expect. I have never seen such a highly motivated, multitasking, and hardworking professional. She possesses an innovative approach both in identifying problems and in developing and implementing new strategies.

Sava Zelensky, Experienced Biopharma Leader and CEO SEE

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have met and worked with Lora. She was my personal coach for almost a year. Lora significantly helped me grow as a leader by improving my self-awareness and discipline, handling difficult situations and people, and making tough decisions on time, consciously, and decisively.

Lora is one of the most positive, energetic, and disciplined people I’ve ever met.

Ivelina Zhelezhcheva, NLP Business and Life Coach, SAFe Agilist, Leader, First Mind coach

Lora is one of the most reliable partners I have ever worked with. Whenever I work with her, I feel confident because she has the ability to see below the surface. She is an excellent professional and provides high-quality services.

Lora’s expertise in business coaching and business and leadership transformations is remarkable. This is why I highly recommend her as a professional and reliable partner.

Svetlana Spasova, Sales Manager Premium banking and Sales Individual Banking Division at Postbank | Eurobank Bulgaria


On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank you for the training on “NLP Techniques, Negotiation and Communication Skills for Dealing with Difficult Clients”. The feedback from our colleagues is very positive and we believe that it was extremely useful and everyone was able to improve their skills on the topic.



  • The presenter was able to grab my attention and create positive emotions and attitudes in me.
  • Excellent presentation. Perfect preparation.
  • Attractive, fun, and strives to predispose each trainee.
  • Professional attitude
  • The presenter was well-prepared, presented the material in a captivating and understandable way.
  • The presenter’s presentation was extremely enjoyable and engaging.
  • He was on point with experience, knowledge, and examples.
  • A professional who shared many practical cases.
  • Manages to capture and hold the audience’s attention
  • Engaging with many examples from his practice.
  • The presenter is a person with rich professional experience, presents excellently, and makes the training seem easy and engaging, and the topic is always in focus.
  • Quite concise, with dynamism in his speech, presents information in a different way to the audience than ordinary lecturers. He had an interesting approach to some of the situational games.

Useful things participants learned:

  • Verbal and nonverbal tactics, including how to ask questions.
  • Matching the client’s energy level
  • Showing understanding and patience
  • Building trust
  • How to assert yourself, listen attentively, and get the most out of every client meeting.
  • Practical techniques for understanding the client’s state of mind.
  • Putting yourself in the client’s shoes and following their pace.
  • More calls lead to more meetings which lead to more new clients.
  • How to ask the right questions, techniques for breaking the ice, and proper posture to predispose the client and request a referral for a new client.
  • Reframing, linguistic presuppositions, rapport building.
  • Speak with the client using their speaking speed.
  • Don’t ask “why” questions.
  • Don’t correct the client if they don’t express themselves perfectly.
  • The importance of listening, putting yourself in the client’s shoes, and having confidence as a salesperson.
    Techniques for client conversations/meetings – body language, intonation, etc.
  • Listen attentively to the other person and pay attention to the words they use.
  • Put yourself on the same level and assert yourself.
  • Strive to connect with the client through gestures and speech patterns.
  • Nonverbal behavior during conversations.
  • How to adapt to the client, behavior, and way of speaking during the meeting.
  • Active listening, building rapport with the client, reframing to successfully overcome objections.
  • Communication methods for clients of different levels and segments, adapting to the client, and paraphrasing their statements.
  • Always approach clients positively, find common ground to achieve maximum goals, and be able to adapt to the person in front of you and the situation.
  • We would be happy to have the opportunity for future joint initiatives.

Gabriela Gerasimova, Psychologist & Life Coach

It is rare to find such a great coach as Lora. I had the opportunity to complete the NLP Coach certification program at the Bulgarian Coaching Academy and I can definitely say that Lora is the best mentor I have ever had. She has a very broad knowledge and experience in business, sports, and life coaching. She is intelligent, innovative, and has a unique approach to every project and every training. I learned so much from her about working with people, many times more than from my psychology degree.

As a coach, mentor, team player, and leader, Lora has my highest recommendation.

Valentina Belcheva PhD, MScPharm, MBA, MPH, CIM, General Manager Sanofi, CHC Greece & Cyprus

Lora Arnaoudova is a game changer. She provides next-level experience, far from the boring stuff with which the regular business and NLP coaches loose your time.

At 2016 NLP Bulgaria was invited to execute a massive Change Management Program of the Bulgarian affiliate of Sanofi. In 2017 I met Lora Arnaoudova for a dedicated team and personal coaching sessions – one of the best I’ve ever had. The rapport Lora managed to do with me was obvious quite strong since than, refuelled with even informal meetings afterwards. During that time I was really curious to deep dive in the NLP field, fascinated of the way Lora do her job.

July, 2023 I finally made my agenda available for NLP Practitioner course (1st level) – believe me, this is mind blowing. Eye opening techniques which would change your life. Science based, with lot of practice and enough formal training. You literally start to “hear” and “see” and “connect” what actually people say is just one example. For more details – do not wait so long like me – just do it now. After the training you’ll ask yourself “ why I didn’t start it earlier”.

This is the first and the only recommendation I give to a professional coach I worked with. Trust me – I met a lot in my professional live – primarily Western European and US coaches, so I have solid base to compare.

Lora Arnaoudova is world class trainer. This tiny lady is a monster in her area of expertise. You’ll understand what I mean as apart of my busy agenda, I dedicated intentionally to the NLP training the most precious – part of my personal time. And this was the best way I could invest in my personal development. It’s worth every minute and cent.

I was lucky to have this training in Bulgaria with the only certified NLP train-the-trainers coach for the country. Be aware – it’s only “NLP Bulgaria” and Lora Arnaoudova to provide the Original NLP trainings with certification locally, do not be mislead with other copy-cats.

Despite based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Lora and NLP Bulgaria could take care of your company team or personal trainings or coaching wherever in Europe in English or Italian, so check the website or check them here at LinkedIn.

Anyone can contact me for even further details in case you still have doubts why Lora and NLP Bulgaria.

Already dreaming for the next level – NLP Master!

Thank you, Lora Arnaoudova



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