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“The world is moving fast and organizations must change to unlock their full potential.”

Lora Arnaoudova

With our extensive experience in corporate transformations, we have proven that any company can achieve exceptional results when it chooses us as a partner.

At NLP Bulgaria, we offer programs for planning and managing changes, with a main focus on implementation, increasing capabilities and achieving the desired growth in all areas of the organization. Our proven approach includes all the necessary methods and interventions to limit the turbulence associated with change and achieve objective and measurable results.

We help our clients unlock their transformational potential through purpose-built, fact-based analysis methods specific to each organization’s market. After that, we build a process of the necessary interventions for sustainable achievement of long-term goals. We combine activities aimed at improving organizational health with increasing the potential of employees to create a sustainable change in both the thinking and the actions of all participants in the process.

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In our rapidly changing and evolving business environment, the most successful organizations are those that implement new processes and effective ways to assess, develop and retain their human capital, thereby ensuring innovation and growth.

A company’s HR strategy does more than just fill positions or process payroll. A key role of the HR strategy in the company is the development of activities aimed entirely at employees.

NLP Bulgaria is your partner in the successful implementation of your strategies. Together we will move the desired changes towards success.

Are you faced with a corporate project related to one or more of the following?

Implementing a new organizational design

Process management

Implementing ERP, CRM or other software and need process validation

Selection and creation of a management team or board of directors

Change management as a result of corporate reorganizations

Team management following mergers

Management of changes due to implementation of corporate culture

Development and training of management teams as a result of rapid organizational growth

Assess the adequacy of capabilities

Career development and assessment of adequacy of current competencies against new organizational policies

Increase employee engagement

Mental health in the workplace

Retaining key personnel or returning to the office

Resolving intra-team and cross-functional conflicts

Increased employee satisfaction

Developing emotional intelligence

Creating a communication policy

Are you about to organize in-house training or team building including the following?

Development of sales skills

Team coaching

Management with coaching skills

Process and task management

Time management

Management of emotions and emotional intelligence

Communication management

Leadership development

Development of managerial skills

We will be your trustful partner in all these!

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