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NLP Bulgaria offers the highest level of certified courses and programs of the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Orlando, USA, of the father of NLP – Dr. Richard Bandler – the world organization, guaranteeing quality control of NLP training.

Lora Arnaoudova

CEO and founder of NLP Bulgaria, Bulgarian Coaching academy, Business insight and NLP Bulgaria publishing house, with over a decade experience in training, coaching and supporting top executives, teams and individuals in leading international and local enterprises. Bachelor and Master in Economics from Luiss Guido Carli, Rome and Master in Business Administration from Hull University, London, a Spiral Dynamics expert from Natasha Todorovic’s institute, a certified NLP Trainer and the only NLP Coach Trainer for Eastern Europe from Dr. Richard Bandler’s Society of NLP, Orlando, Florida. Lora is also part of the assisting team of Dr. Bandler.

Working languages: Italian, English, Bulgarian.

Iavor Arnaoudov

Iavor is President of the Bulgarian Coaching Academy, Business coach and Sales strategist with a proven track record in organizational management and sales networks development. A certified NLP Master Practitioner from the Society of NLP, Orlando, USA, with over two decades of experience in management, development, training and coaching of large teams for big multinational companies. Bachelor in Economics, Master and Postgraduate diploma in Marketing from leading UK universities. Lean Six Sigma and operational change management expert.

Working languages: English, Bulgarian.

Our Story

For the last 20 years, we have specialized in courses and programs for individual development, as well as corporate projects for strategic change management, reorganizations, and team analysis, using the most modern tools and methodologies across a range of industries and business fields. Our trainings and programs at NLP Bulgaria, created according to the needs of each client, have made us a leading company in the market for programs for creating and implementing strategy, managing processes and operations, developing individual and team performance, management and leadership, sales and soft skills, charisma, and public speaking.

NLP Bulgaria is the only NLP Coaching Academy on the Balkan Peninsula, training NLP business, personal, and sports coaches according to the program and with international certification from the Society of NLP.

The founder of NLP Bulgaria, Lora Arnaudova, creator of the Cognitive Memetics methodology, is part of Dr. Richard Bandler’s assisting team and is the only certified NLP Coaching Trainer in Bulgaria.

Our Vision

We at NLP Bulgaria believe that everyone can make their own personal leap towards excellence. We strive to constantly expand the set of tools that support this leap, manifested in the effective management of all spheres of an individual’s and an organization’s life.

Our Mission

At NLP Bulgaria, we are dedicated to cultivating the leaders of the new era. Our approach is centered on understanding your unique potential and tailoring business solutions that align with your vision. By working closely with you, we empower you to achieve your goals and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

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